May a Pair of Denim jeans Really Cause you to Thinner?

While many denim jeans claim to appear slimming, 1 brand went a step additional and marketplaces itself factory-like Tummy Tuck? denim jeans. The brand ‘Not Your Daughters Denim jeans? ‘ statements to be the initial design intended for an innovative new women’s denim jeans product line. The jeans are specially cut and completed for shedding pounds the look from the tummy in addition give a raising effect towards the shape of underneath. The brand even statements the dressmaker is so great you’ll need in least 1 dress size smaller.wholesale

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You will find no enduring ‘miracle’ results, so not much of a substitute for abdominoplasty cosmetic surgery (the classic ‘tummy tuck’ operation). But the price is more immediately accessible, in around hundred buck a set and the results are immediate. This obviously makes them attractive to those who daily struggle with the dreaded jeans ‘muffin-top-look’, in which the tummy regrettably spills away over the denim jeans waistband.

The brand strike runaway product sales figures in the united states before starting in the UK in 2007. These were given excellent reviews in the fashion webpages of main publications, The Times, including The Telegraph and the Daily Mirror’s style pages. TELEVISION fashion retail guru Jane Portas, celebrity of the United kingdoms’s BBC2 route show ‘Mary Queen of Shops’ also featured pairs on one of her displays, with happy customers trying different things on, assisted by an equally happy boutique owner.

Sisters Mack and Leslie Rudes-Sandel began ‘Not Your Daughters Denim jeans? in La in the year 2003, with a remarkable pedigree to their rear. Their dad George Rudes was accountable for St Germain denim style lines, large in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Mack says the item came about because of a annoying gap looking for her- denim jeans for real-size women that have been flattering and comfortable.

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