How to Choose the Appropriate Lingerie When Giving it As a Gift

If there’s one task in the world which men find to be daunting, that is none other than giving their lady loves lingerie as a gift. There are a lot of mistakes that men commit in this department. They either give lingerie as a gift too soon in a relationship, or get a gift which the giver, rather than the receiver would enjoy.

To start off, here are a few basic ‘unwritten’ rules which need to be followed:

– Don’t even consider buying lingerie as a gift if you haven’t seen her lingerie for yourself. This might come off as either inappropriate or too presumptuous.

– Don’t buy her something that you’ve seen the women in adult films wear – unless she has one of those things herself. Remember that the gift that you are buying is for her, not for you.

– It’s better to give her something that’s a tad too tight rather than giving her lingerie that’s too loose.

– Remember that lingerie is a pretty intimate gift. Women usually give expensive lingerie as gifts to each other, and that’s fine. But don’t make a social faux pas by giving lingerie as a gift to your mother-in-law or sister-in-law!

Factors to Consider when Choosing Appropriate Lingerie as a Gift:

Now that you know about the basic rules in lingerie gift-giving, here are a few more specific factors that you need to consider:

1. Size: When you go to a lingerie shop, the sales clerk would surely roll her eyes at you when you gesture “She’s this big” or “this tall” when you’re asked about the size. Standing amidst all that frilly stuff is already scary enough, so don’t spend anymore time in there than you have to.

If you don’t know her dress size, sneak into her underwear drawer and check on the label of the bra that she’s wearing. Look for something that shows a number followed by a letter, like 34C or 36B. You probably already know her height, so the only thing that you need is the size of panties she wears which can come in the standard small, medium or large.

2. Style & color: If you want to splurge, you can buy two types of lingerie – one that you think she will buy for herself, and one that you will enjoy.

After figuring out her size, make sure that the style of the lingerie that you will give as a gift will complement her body type. Get her something that will hide problem areas like her tummy or her thighs.

As for the style, you can take your pick from bustiers, corsets, garter belts or bra and panty sets. Or, you can go for the sexier stuff like chemises, camisoles or baby doll gowns.

As for the color, black, white and red are the most popular options. You can also choose a color that will complement her skin tone or the color of her hair. Blondes, for example, will look great in pastel colors and black.

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