How to Shop For womens lingerie online to Suit Your Figure Type

If you daren’t look in your underwear drawer for fear of the old bras and briefs in chewing gum grey that lurk inside, it’s probably time to treat yourself to some nice new smalls. The secret to dressing like your European counterparts is is to get the fundamentals right with fabulous womens lingerie online. Now you can find what you’re looking for online from British companies delivering to Spain, France, Germany and Portugal. Style is about choosing clothing that fits beautifully and suits your figure so you need to pick lingerie in the right size, shape and a flattering fit for your figure.

Choosing new undies from basks to bodies, bras to briefs, shorts, slips, vests and shapewear can be a bit of a minefield if you live in Europe where most retail lingerie is designed to fit the sleek European size 10. It can be difficult to find plus size lingerie in anything but the most specialist and expensive city centre shops, so you could waste a lot of time and money seeking out lingerie to suit your figure. Luckily, there are now some great places to buy specialist lingerie online from the UK, so you can shop from home in comfort and privacy and beat those figure-conscious European ladies at their own game by dress beautifully from the inside out. Many of the UK online retailers have specialist advice on sizing and which styles will suit your body shape as part of their website.

Browse for Lingerie Online from the UK for Delivery to Europe

With so many magical uplifting bras, knickers and tummy trimmers on the market it’s tough to know where to start. But thankfully you can shop for lingerie by type, using easy search filters like bras, basques and bodies, briefs and shorts, shapeweare, slips and vests. Many sites will also allow you to browse by brand, so look out for the famous UK labels you know, specially designed to create stylish and fashionable lingerie options for the fuller or plus size figure.

The best online lingerie retailers will even you to browse in price brands so you can shop for flattering designs that suit your budget, from under five euro to 50-75 euro. Finally you can usually shop by colour too. That way you can shop for flesh tones, beige and nudes that are perfect for summer as they disappear beneath lighter clothing to classic black and white, ideal to sculpt and flatter under workwear. Finally you can choose an array of multi colours and prints, when you’re looking for special occasion womens lingerie online to team with sexy eveningwear.

Let’s face it, there’s no figure, whatever your natiionality, that couldn’t benefit from a little help; every woman needs supportive underwear to give a little uplift and thanks to British mail order companies, you can now try those hard to find specialist designs in the comfort and privacy of your own bedroom, with the very outfits you need it to work with.

Have you discovered Shapewear Lingerie

So, what about that lingerie they call shapewear? Even some of our skinniest Spanish and French friends are wearing these base layers. And curvy German and British ladies are crying out for the non-surgical nip and tuck they promise. Shapewear started out in life as bodices and girdles, rather ugly looking ducklings to be banished under clothing but it’s all changed now. In white, black and flesh tones, this most modern of lingerie literally disappears under clothing, sleeking away any lumps and bumps in your figure, holding in waists, slimming and firming thighs to create a smooth line under dresses and skirts that ensure they skim from the hip and never cling.

If you are looking to flaunt spaghetti or no straps with bandeau tops and even wedding dresses in exactly the same way as straight up and down Parisian girls do you need strapless lingerie with plenty of uplift. You’ll not only feel in control of your curves but your clothes will actually look and fit better too. Invest in some tummy control knickers too and see the difference they make to your waist under trousers. The great news is, they’re easy to find online so you avoid the embarrassment of going into a shop to ask for control pants. Plus theses days they are comfortable and affordable too.

Choose Specialist Bras Delivered to your European Door

If you have a svelte Mediterranean figure but are lacking in the bust you might want to try a little uplifting underwear. Many of the leading lingerie brand names offer a great selection of balcony bras, padded gel bras, moulded push up bras or plunge designs that create and enhance cleavage as well as help shape, lift and define your bust.

Equally if you have a larger bust, it’s so important to be wearing the right bra size and shape to create a flattering look, support your figure and protect your back. With online retailers from the UK offering sizes up to 50G delivered to your door, it’s never been easier to choose specialist body sculpting lingerie to make the most of your figure.

Before you order, always measure yourself regularly as women’s bra sizes can change with diet, exercise and age. Look out for retailers selling minimiser designs that can make your bust look smaller, soft cup bras with wide and cushioned straps for comfort across your shoulders because if you feel comfortable you’ll carry your clothes with more confidence. Some website also offer front fastening bras that are less fiddly to manage if you have limited mobility.

Above all don’t get stuck in a rut with your lingerie. It’s said that French women spend up to 20% of their annual salary on lingerie – and never save it for a special occasion. European women see looking and feeling fabulous as part of their everyday lives. And style wise it really pays off, so isn’t it time ex-pat British women did the same?

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